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written by Louisa Taylor



The Crowood Press (2023)

Glazes for the Contemporary Maker is an essential guide for all ceramic artists and potters looking to expand their knowledge and gain confidence in this dynamic area of ceramics practice. The book provides a holistic approach and serves as an introduction to glaze chemistry, materials knowledge and methods of application via detailed step-by-step guidance and informative text. Packed with over 200 illustrated glaze recipes, it is an indispensable reference, which covers everything from shiny, opaque, matt, crystalline to special effect glazes that span across the temperature ranges. Supported by impressive examples of work by leading practitioners, this book provides inspiration and a source of practical tips and advice, allowing you to learn and initiate your own creative path through this exciting subject.



 Thames & Hudson (2020)

The practice of ceramics is steeped in history and tradition. For thousands of years humans have exploited the versatile qualities of clay as a material to produce items ranging from humble utilitarian vessels integral to family living, right through to exquisite works of art. Ceramics Masterclass explores this diverse discipline by showcasing 100 of the most innovative and inspiring artists past and present, analysing the techniques and methods used to create the works, and the concepts which underpin their creative process. Arranged thematically, Ceramics Masterclass includes chapters on vessels, functional works, sculptures, figurative works, installation and experimental surfaces. Perfect for students, amateur ceramicists and professionals, this book represents a global perspective of historical and contemporary approaches to clay and be a catalyst for discovery and intrigue. 

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Chronicle Books (2022 & 2011)

The Ceramics Bible was initially the USA edition of Ceramics: Tools and Techniques for the Contemporary Maker (same content, just a different front cover). Although since its first release, the UK edition is no longer available and it has been replaced exclusively by this title. The first edition was published in 2011 and followed by a revised edition in 2022:

Building on the success of the original volume, this revised edition of The Ceramics Bible features new techniques, terms, images, and artist profiles--as well as the tried-and-true step-by-step instruction and comprehensiveness that students, instructors, artists, and collectors have all come to appreciate.

Since its debut in September 2011, The Ceramics Bible has been the go-to guide for anyone interested in this flourishing art form. The revised edition updates a quarter of the original content, while keeping the visually rich format and straightforward instruction that make the book such a valuable tool for makers and artists. Featuring a diverse array of contemporary artists, and a comprehensive guide to the best ceramics galleries, suppliers, residencies, workshops, and studios all over the world, this volume will teach you everything you want to know about making ceramics. 

AN EVERGREEN ART FORM: Ceramics and pottery never go out of style--in fact, these art forms continue to grow in popularity year after year. Whether you're a seasoned ceramicist searching for a reliable reference volume, or a new artist working your way through beginner techniques, this book is one you'll return to again and again. 

NEW AND IMPROVED: From social media marketing to 3D clay printing, the topics covered in this updated edition captures the technological and social changes that have shaped the practices and products of working ceramics artists. 

MORE THAN A HANDBOOK: With a plethora of gorgeous full-color photographs--including profiles of contemporary ceramics artists and examples of their work--The Ceramics Bible is both beautiful to behold and easy to use. This book will be equally at home on a living room coffee table as it is in the workshop. 

Perfect for: 

- Art and design students
- Makers, craftspeople, ceramics artist, and pottery enthusiasts
- Art instructors, educators, and collectors




Jacqui Small Publishing (2011)

Ceramicists have been plying their art and craft for thousands of years, and never more prolifically than today. 'Ceramics' is the most comprehensive and up-to-date volume on the subject. Brimming with more than 700 full-color photos and illustrations, this is the new definitive guide for serious ceramics practitioners. Inside are step-by-step instructions on molding, firing, and glazing techniques, generously accompanied by detailed photographs. Also included are beautiful examples of contemporary work, plus plenty of historical information, artist profiles, troubleshooting tips, and an extensive resource section. Perfect for students, artists, and collectors, this is a tremendously valuable addition to the vibrant world of ceramics.

Please note this UK edition is no longer available. Refer to the USA edition Ceramics Bible for more info. 


Behind the scenes


Louisa Taylor-4.jpg

Louisa Taylor

The source of inspiration for my work stems from museum collections of 18th Century dining vessels, reflecting on the evolution of functional objects to accommodate new foods and dining trends. I am interested by elaborate dining rituals of the period associated with wealth and status and the performance of multi-course dining events. My aim is to create meaningful objects that interplay between still-life, visual composition and encourage social interactions through use. 


Each piece is made from porcelain and thrown on the potters wheel. I create components, which I then cut, freely assemble and finish by hand. The subtle colour palette is directly influenced by hand painted decoration on historical tureens. I deconstruct each individual colour and match it with glaze and combine this with honed forms. All my work is fired to 1260-1280 degrees C in an electric kiln/oxidised atmosphere. 



Louisa Taylor studied a BA (hons) degree in 3D Design: Ceramics, at Bath Spa University (2000-2003) and then spent a year working as a production potter in rural Lincolnshire. This was followed by a Masters degree in Ceramics and Glass at the Royal College of Art, London (2004-2006). Louisa set up her ceramic business in October 2006 and is based in Brighton, East Sussex where she produces her tableware range for shops, galleries and collectors in the UK and internationally. 

Alongside making her work, Louisa is a Senior Lecturer on the BA (hons) 3D Design and Craft course at the University of Brighton, visiting lecturer at the Royal College of Art, and a short course tutor at West Dean College. Louisa is a professional member of the Crafts Potters Association and Contemporary Applied Arts, London. In 2012, Louisa undertook a six-month post (January – June) as artist in residence at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London. Louisa is the author of numerous books on the subject including: The Ceramics Bible, Ceramics Masterclass and Glazes for the Contemporary Maker. 



I make a very small collection of work each year. It is currently available from:

  • Among the Pines, at Berdoulat, Bath. Details

  • Joanna Bird Gallery, London. Details

Please get in touch if you have any questions, or interested in commissioning a piece. 

West Dean College

I teach a variety of short courses throughout the year at West Dean College, near Chichester -  a beautiful and inspiring venue in the heart of the Sussex countryside:

  • Lids, Handles & Spouts 30th May-2nd June 2024 

  • Porcelain for Beginners 22nd-25th August 2024

  • Throwing and Turning for Beginners 6th-8th December 2024

  • More details visit West Dean website 


Alongside my ceramics practice I teach specialist workshops across the country and internationally. 

2024 workshops include:

  • Clay Makers - Wheel Thrown Porcelain class: The Open Door, Pottery Shed, Berkhamsted. Sat 12th-Sun13th October 2024. For more information please email Paul Rowbottom:

  • Ceramic Classes London - Glaze Theory Sunday 19th May 2024. Details 

Please contact me if you are interested in booking a session or workshop at your venue for Autumn 2024 - 2025


Studio based in Brighton, UK

(+44) 07779620130

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Thanks for submitting!

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